Call accounting hardware requirements

TIM4biz Call Accounting reporting runs in an SSL session in your favorite browser under Windows, iOS, Linux, MacOS and other operating systems.
CDR and SMDR call traffic from your PBX can be captured by the free TIM4biz call logging options or you can purchase our optional data collection buffer box. All options transfer call records to the TIM4biz data center via SSL.

TIM4biz Cloud APv

Built for simplicity and reliability, the Cloud APv virtual image installs on your existing virtual machine.

VMware Microsoft Hyper-V Xen Server

TIM4biz Cloud AP

Built for simplicity and reliability, the Cloud AP hardware unit offers you peace of mind, collecting your business telephony data around the clock. Easy to install and maintain via a simple web maintenance console, the Cloud AP lets you get on with business.

The Cloud AP is designed as an 'appliance', meaning that it is a 'set-and-forget' device. Coupled with TIM Technologies hosted web reporting and alerting services getting control of your business telephony costs has never been easier.


Some PBXs such as Cisco Unified Communications Manager can upload CDR/SMDR records directly to an SFTP server. If your PBX can upload call records this way there is no need to host any TIM4biz call logging hardware or software on your network.

Windows download

Ask us about our Windows data collection package.