Call Accounting Sample Reports

Of the over 100 reports that TIM4biz Call Accounting supplies (depending on your license and PBX capabilities) here are just a few examples. Free access to the demonstration account to explore all the reports is available here.

Reports can be run interactively on the website and can be scheduled to be automatically emailed to you.

Abandoned (custom)

Abandoned call reports list telephone calls that were not successfully concluded, for example no answer or lost on hold. As a custom report this sample demonstrates combining the abandoned chart and the abandoned total reports into a single report. [large image]


Text reports are available via API calls allowing you to import processed call traffic directly into your internal back office systems. [API page]

Average hourly traffic

The average hourly traffic report displays the average number of calls incoming, outgoing and abandoned each hour over the reporting period. [large image]

Country total

The Country total report displays primary KPIs per country for the selected period. [large image]

Custom combination

Another example of a custom report this report combines different graphic and text report elements into a single report.

Multiple columns and rows allows you to combine often checked or related items into a single report that can be viewed online or emailed to you on a regular basis. [large image]

Custom total

Another example of a custom report is a report that combines different total report elements into a single report.

Of course like other reports the custom report can be used as your TIM4biz home page or scheduled to be automatically emailed to you. [large image]

Department percentage

The department percentage report lets you know to what department most of your call traffic goes as a percentage of total traffic. Which department handles the most inbound or outbound traffic. Which department costs the most? [large image]

Extension comparison

The extension comparison report displays the call totals for each extension in graphical form. Each extensions' prime KPIs are displayed for easy comparison. [large image]

Extension detail

The extension detail report displays all call details for each extension, grouped by extension, for the selected period.
Please note numbers shown in this report were randomly generated. Any similarity to phone numbers living or dead is purely coincidental. [large image]

Home page

The TIM4biz home page is loaded when you sign in.

The default home page displays a summary of today's call accounting statistics and a summary of your TIM4biz account. Of course you can change your home page to any standard or custom report, or other page. [large image]

Monthly comparison

The monthly comparison report is a great way to keep an eye on any discrepancies in your call traffic. Is it on the rise? Any unusual jumps? Multiple site installations are broken down by branch, single site installations are broken down by department. [large image]

Multi-site reporting

Designed from the ground up with multi-site support, TIM4biz has always provided multi-site reporting enabling customers to manage multiple branches, cost centers, departments, serviced offices and PBXs from a single login. Different users can be assigned to different areas restricting their reporting access.

This example demonstrates combining the branch total, branch comparison and branch traffic report into a single custom report. [large image]

Phone bill

Phone bills can be created for extensions (such as aged-care residents), groups of extensions (such as serviced offices), residents (such as hospital residents as they move between extensions) and entire companies (such as a residential or business phone bill).

Individual phone bill PDFs can be created or a single PDF containing all phone bills with cover page summary can be generated. [large image] [PDF]

Trunk utilization

The trunk utilization report, sometimes called all trunks busy report, displays the number of trunk lines in use for each minute of the day. A great way to save money - unused trunks cost money each month. [large image]

World map

The world map report displays the known locations of all incoming and outgoing calls for the selected reporting period. [large image]