TIM Technologies will never send you an email asking for your details. If you do receive such an email:


  • DO NOT use a simple password, use combinations of letters, numbers and symbols
  • DO NOT use the name of a friend, family member, pet, place or product or a word that appears in a dictionary
  • DO NOT share your password with other people
  • DO NOT use the same password on multiple sites, e.g. don't use your social network password on your banking site
  • DO NOT use your username as part of your password
  • DO NOT use "password" or a scrambled version such as "P@55w0rd" as part of your password
  • DO change your password frequently

SSL certificate

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate protects you in multiple ways:
  • It enables encryption of sensitive information while using the website
  • It contains unique, authenticated information about TIM Technologies
  • A certificate authority verified our identity
  • Identifies itself by the URL starting with https:// and a lock symbol appearing

Correct site

It is very easy for fraudsters to create a fake web site that looks like an official company site. The purpose of this is to direct users to their fake site, via email or other means, to gather usernames and passwords.

Malicious users can then sign in to your account posing as you and change your system settings and run reports gathering information about your business activities.