Call accounting features

All call accounting features are dependent on telco & PBX support. Add-ons may require additional licences.

Standard reports

  • Abandoned & lost calls (detail, chart, summary, total)
  • Account code (detail, summary, total)
  • Authorisation code (detail, summary, total)
  • Cost centre (detail, pie, total, trafffic)
  • Country (detail, total)
  • Custom fields (department, extension, more...)
  • Custom reports (chart, graphic, schedule, text, more...)
  • Daily (comparison, detail, percent, summary, total)
  • DDI (detail, total)
  • Department (average, detail, KPI, percent, pie, summary, total, traffic)
  • Emergency calls* (detail, total)
  • Export (API, email, .csv, .json, .pdf, .txt, .xlsx, .xml)
  • Extension (average, chart, detail, KPI, percent, pie, summary, total, traffic)
  • Filters (date, custom day range, DDI, extension, hunt, PBX, time, trunk, more...)
  • Hunt group (detail, summary, total)
  • Location* (detail, total)
  • Mapping* (country, world call maps)
  • Monthly (comparison, detail, summary, total)
  • Number dialled (detail, top 50, total)
  • Number watch (detail, total)
  • PBX activity (inactivty alert, reset)
  • Phone list (department, extension, name)
  • Scheduled email (yesterday, last week, month, more...)
  • Snapshot (combination chart & text)
  • State* (detail, total)
  • Time dialled (detail, first call segment detal)
  • Top 50 calls (cost, dialled, duration, ring)
  • Top 50 departments (cost, count, duration, in, more...)
  • Top 50 extensions (cost, duration, in, out, more...)
  • Traffic (average, charts, 24 hour break down)
  • Trunk (detail, external, percent, summary, total)
  • Trunk group (detail, percent, summary, total)
  • Trunk utilization (very fast chart or text)
  • Unallocated account code (detail, summary, total)
  • Users (audit, logon, online)
  • Weekly (comparison)

Billing reports add-on

  • Account code (detail, summary, total)
  • Filtering (office)
  • Office (average, detail, percent, bills, summary, total)
  • Phone bill (extension, office)
  • Phone bill (calls, one-time, recurring and ad-hoc fees)
  • Phone list (office)
  • Residents (moving extensions) (detail, bills, summary, total)

Multi-site reports add-on

  • Branch (avg., comparison, detail, KPI, KPI inbound, percent, pie, summary, total, traffic)
  • Custom fields (branch, office, PBX)
  • Filtering (branch, PBX)
  • PBX (8 day, detail, events, KPI, pie, status, summary, total, traffic)
  • Phone list (branch)
  • Top 50 branches (cost, count, duration, in, out, more...)

Flexible call costing

  • Capped call cost
  • Custom charging rates
  • Flag fall
  • Free, local, STD, international rates
  • Grace period
  • N-tier rate per charging interval
  • N-tier segment cap
  • Supports most countries*
  • User configurable

Property Manager System - add-on

  • PMS call cost integration
  • Supported systems only
  • Details


  • Account code editor (add, edit, list)
  • Authorisation code editor (add, edit, list)
  • Alert editor (destination, extension, frequency)
  • Automatic software updates
  • Backup (daily, weekly)
  • Call cost editor (custom, default, PBX & trunk levels)
  • Caller ID (add, edit, list)
  • Company & department logins (add, edit, list)
  • Custom date and time filter editor (add, edit, list)
  • Custom fields (add, edit, list)
  • DDI editor (edit, list)
  • Department editor (add, edit, list)
  • Extension editor (branch, department, user)
  • Favorites (reports, settings)
  • Hunt group editor
  • No third-party apps. required for admin or reporting
  • Multiple user support (add, edit, list)
  • PBX editor (add, edit, list)
  • Scheduled & immediately emailed reports
  • Secure international access (no additonal software)
  • Trunk and trunk group editor (add, edit, list)
  • User account types (access, admin, level, module, report)
  • User editor (add, edit, list)

Administration - billing add-on

  • Call cost editor (buy & sell prices, custom, edit, list)
  • Fee editor (one-time, recurring and ad-hoc fees)
  • Office editor (add, edit, list)

Administration - multi-site add-on

  • Branch, company & department logins (more..)
  • Branch editor (add, edit, list)
  • Multiple administrator support (add, edit, list)
  • Multiple branch, PBX & site support (more...)
  • Multiple site support (add, edit, list)

System & toll fraud alerts

  • Call destination alert
  • Email alerts (alert, day, time, who)
  • Emergency call alerts*
  • Expensive call alert (single, period, total)
  • Long call duration alert (single, period, total)
  • Loss of call traffic alert
  • Loss of data connection alert
  • Schedule (day, time, who)

CDR/SMDR call buffer

  • Hardware call buffer
  • Virtual buffer for Hyper-V, VMware & Xen Server
  • Windows software call buffer
  • Details

Support and training

  • Email support
  • GoToMeeting video conference training available
  • Telephone support


  • All features are dependent on PBX support
  • Text reports available as .csv, .html, .pdf, .txt, .xlsx, .xml
  • Text reports available via API calls
  • * may not be supported in your country or region
  • ~ requires telco, PBX caller id & inbound CDR/SMDR