Call accounting features

All features are dependent on telco & PBX support. Add-ons may require additional licences.

Standard reports

yesAbandoned & lost calls (detail, chart, summary, total)
yesAccount code (detail, summary, total)
yesAuthorization code (detail, summary, total)
yesCost center (detail, pie, total, trafffic)
yesCountry (detail, total)
yesCustom fields (department, extension, more...)
yesCustom reports (chart, graphic, schedule, text, more...)
yesDaily (comparison, detail, percent, summary, total)
yesDDI (detail, total)
yesDepartment (average, detail, KPI, percent, pie, summary, total, traffic)
yesEmergency calls* (detail, total)
yesExport (csv, pdf, text, xml attributes, xml elements)
yesExport (email, print, schedule)
yesExtension (average, chart, detail, KPI, percent, pie, summary, total, traffic)
yesHunt group (detail, summary, total)
yesLocation* (detail, total)
yesMapping* (country, world call maps)
yesMonthly (comparison, detail, summary, total)
yesNumber dialed (detail, top 50, total)
yesNumber watch (detail, total)
yesPBX activity (inactivty alert, reset)
yesPhone list (department, extension, name)
yesScheduled email (yesterday, last week, month, more...)
yesSnapshot (combination chart & text)
yesState* (detail, total)
yesTime dialed (detail, first call segment detal)
yesTop 50 calls (cost, dialed, duration, ring)
yesTop 50 departments (cost, count, duration, in, more...)
yesTop 50 extensions (cost, duration, in, out, more...)
yesTraffic (average, charts, 24 hour break down)
yesTrunk (detail, external, percent, summary, total)
yesTrunk group (detail, percent, summary, total)
yesTrunk utilization (very fast chart or text)
yesUnallocated account code (detail, summary, total)
yesUsers (audit, logon, online)
yesWeekly (comparison)

Billing reports add-on

yes Account code (detail, summary, total)  
yes Filtering (office)  
yes Office (average, detail, percent, bills, summary, total)  
yes Phone bill (extension, office)  
yes Phone list (office)  

Multi-site reports add-on

yes Branch (avg., comparison, detail, KPI, KPI inbound, percent, pie, summary, total, traffic)  
yes Custom fields (branch, office, PBX)  
yes Filtering (branch, PBX)  
yes PBX (8 day, detail, events, KPI, pie, status, summary, total, traffic)  
yes Phone list (branch)  
yes Top 50 branches (cost, count, duration, in, out, more...)  

Flexible call costing

yes Capped call cost  
yes Custom charging rates  
yes Flag fall  
yes Free, local, STD, international rates  
yes Grace period  
yes N-tier rate per charging interval  
yes N-tier segment cap  
yes Supports most countries*  
yes User configurable  

yes Account code editor (add, edit, list)  
yes Authorisation code editor (add, edit, list)  
yes Alert editor (destination, extension, frequency)  
yes Automatic software updates  
yes Backup (daily, weekly)  
yes Call cost editor (custom, default, PBX & trunk levels)  
yes Caller ID~ (add, edit, list)  
yes Company & department logins (add, edit, list)  
yes Custom fields (add, edit, list)  
yes DDI editor (edit, list)  
yes Department editor (add, edit, list)  
yes Extension editor (branch, department, user)  
yes Favorites (reports, settings)  
yes Hunt group editor  
yes No third-party apps. required for admin or reporting  
yes Multiple user support (add, edit, list)  
yes PBX editor (add, edit, list)  
yes Scheduled & immediately emailed reports  
yes Secure international access (no additonal software)  
yes Trunk and trunk group editor (add, edit, list)  
yes User account types (access, admin, level, module, report)  
yes User editor (add, edit, list)  

Administration - billing add-on

yes Call cost editor (buy & sell prices, custom, edit, list)  
yes Office editor (add, edit, list)  

Administration - multi-site add-on

yes Branch, company & department logins (more..)  
yes Branch editor (add, edit, list)  
yes Multiple administrator support (add, edit, list)  
yes Multiple branch, PBX & site support (more...)  
yes Multiple site support (add, edit, list)  

System & toll fraud alerts

yes Call destination alert  
yes Email alerts (alert, day, time, who)  
yes Emergency call alerts*  
yes Expensive call alert (single, period, total)  
yes Long call duration alert (single, period, total)  
yes Loss of call traffic alert  
yes Loss of data connection alert  
yes Schedule (day, time, who)  

CDR/SMDR call buffer

yes Hardware call buffer  
yes Virtual buffer for Hyper-V, VMware & Xen Server  
yes Windows software call buffer  

Support and training

yes Email support  
yes GoToMeeting video conference training available  
yes Telephone support  


yes All features are dependent on PBX support  
yes * may not be supported in your country or region  
yes ~ requires telco, PBX caller id & inbound SMDR