Telco Billing

Using the same technology provided to resellers, multi-national corporations and our smallest customers we take the output from your switch and create a phone bill for your customers.

Whether rebilling internal customers or providing a phone bill to subscribers TIM4biz can turn the output from your switch into a PDF phone bill ready to be delivered to your customers.

Internal users and public subscribers expecting a phone bill from their telephone provider receive a formatted PDF with call summaries and details.

Internal customers can be billed on an extension by extension basis or groups of extensions, such as a serviced office, can be sent a single phone bill.

You can customize our standard template with your logo, contact and payment details or we can create a custom output to adhere to your corporate guidelines.

All the major components of the telephone billing system are installed at the TIM4biz datacenter and are automatically backed up and maintained by TIM4biz staff.

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