Toll fraud examples

Hackers access your telephone system via a standard telephone line, or increasingly through a VoIP telephone connection, and masquerade as an authorised user taking control of your system to make unauthorised telephone calls at your expense and have been tied to organized crime and terrorism.

Average toll fraud cost to Australian businesses - $78,000*
Telecommunications security experts predict that breaches are occurring daily in Australia resulting in millions of dollars in damage. Most breaches are unreported, but the press have reported several cases that have involved litigation.
A few of the publicly exposed instances of toll fraud and disruption of service:

27 September 2019 India's telecom fraud protection market incredible
21 August 2019 UAE telecom provider Etisalat issues phone hack warning after customer gets Dh24,000 bill
19 August 2019 Telco suspected fraud but allowed a customer's phone number to be ported anyway. Then he was hacked.
08 August 2019 Popular Avaya enterprise VoIP phones are vulnerable to hacking
24 June 2019 How Hackers Break Into Your Voicemail
15 June 2019 Two men charged over attacks on Victoria Police phone system
09 June 2019 Woman "must pay" €40,000 phone bill
31 March 2019 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' phone hacked by Saudis, investigator says
05 February 2019 Fraudsters are draining bank accounts with victims' phone numbers
31 January 2019 Phone cloner gets 65 months in jail
08 January 2019 Phone fraudsters are stealing billions each year through a scheme known as IRSF
02 November 2018 Phone number is hacked
31 October 2018 How Hackers Break Into Your Voicemail
18 October 2018 The missed call scam that could cost you hundreds of pounds to NOT answer – and it's baffled networks
17 October 2018 Phone lines at two police stations have been hacked in denial of service attacks
07 July 2018 Fraudsters hacking into phone lines and making premium rate calls costing organisations millions
12 June 2018 IP phone users stung by huge overseas call charges after IP phones hacked
01 June 2018 Vocus confirms hacked PABX flooded 000
03 May 2018 Phone spoofing: When your phone number is taken over by international scammers
05 April 2018 Robo-call spree has international scammers hanging up on Kiwis
16 February 2018 Why you should never trust a call from an unknown number and other tips for identifying scams
13 February 2018 Don't call back: 'One ring scam' targets phones across Canada
18 January 2017 Avoid long-distance fraud
29 November 2017 A cybersecurity expert showed us how hackers can tap into an office phone and listen...
10 November 2017 New phone scam involves overseas calls
03 November 2017 'Call-back' scam: QLD police warn of sophisticated scam
15 September 2017 Warning as international phone scammers target Kiwis
07 July 2017 Cisco IP Phones Hacked
07 July 2017 Law firm caught in phone hack, charged $65,000 for international calls
07 May 2017 Voicemail system at Newfane Town Office hacked
14 April 2017 If your phone line gets hacked, guess who your service provider thinks should pay the bill
07 April 2017 Answerphone hackers rack up £5,000 in calls – all charged to us
14 February 2017 Namibia hit by phone hacking, suspends international calls
25 January 2017 Alexandria Law Firm's Phone Hacked, Gets $65,000 Bill: Report
08 December 2016 Gage County's government phone system hacked
02 December 2016 I Dialed a Wrong Number and Stumbled Into International Phone Fraud
30 November 2016 IBM warns of rising VoIP cyber-attacks
22 October 2016 Security warning - Fraud activities
16 September 2016 Real estate firm's VoIP system was hacked, and the bad guys ran up a $600k phone bill
26 July 2016 Three men charged for international cell phone fraud scheme
14 June 2016 Frontier Communications hits Ontario doctor's office with $599K bill
20 April 2016 Dh358,240 phone bill in two months for Dubai company
01 April 2016 Time to face up to the problem of toll fraud in the telco industry
12 February 2016 PBX phone system hacking nets crooks $50 million over four years
13 November 2015 TOLL FRAUD Hits a Mobridge SD Business
06 October 2015 Kennebec County’s phone system hacked over weekend
28 August 2015 Gaza's cybercriminals get rich hacking Internet-based phone lines
04 August 2015 HACK ATTACK: Redlands travel agency gets a $117,000 phone bill
29 June 2015 Exploit of Express Messenger to call St Lucia / UK
19 June 2015 Firm avoids £35,000 phone bill run up by hackers
19 June 2015 VoIP Phone Hacking Becoming More Common
16 June 2015 Phone hacking blitz hammers's poor VoIP handsets
02 May 2015 Your PBX has been hacked!
31 March 2015 Hacked phone line results in $193K bill for Whistler business
27 March 2015 Salisbury Doctor's Office Hit with $2 Million Phone Bill
03 March 2015 Hacked via /tmp perl scripts
24 February 2015 Businessman Left With Large Phone Bill Due to Hackers
11 February 2015 Company told to pay for calls hackers made to Gambia
21 January 2015 Telugu States’ Governor Telephone Hacked!
31 December 2014 Police urge citizens to be wary of rising cyber-crime and fraud
17 December 2014 98% of hackers also hit businesses with Dial Through Fraud
09 December 2014 Phone hackers give Cogeco customer a $1,138.21 jolt
14 November 2014 Why are internet phone hacks on the rise?
03 November 2014 Ruffin woman’s home phone hacked, charged $6,094
28 October 2014 Small Business Security: Hackers Dial Up Telephone Fraud
24 October 2014 Dial H for Hacking: Companies Fleeced by Phone System Theft
21 October 2014 Phone hacking cost small businesses $4.73 billion last year
19 October 2014 Phone Hackers Dial and Redial to Steal Billions
11 September 2014 Company on hook for $11K phone bill after being hacked
04 August 2014 Halloween Bill Shocker
22 July 2014 High Court rules reseller is responsible for customer’s huge hacking bill
15 July 2014 Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) Business Fraud
07 July 2014 Fraudsters hacking into phone lines and making premium rate calls costing millions
30 June 2014 Phone hack leaves man with $26k bill
25 June 2014 £35,000 SIP Trunk Fraud Case Decided
17 May 2014 BT bills neighbours for midnight Bosnia calls after scammers connect to line
24 April 2014 Dial Through Fraud possibly over VOIP- over £700 in one day
09 April 2014 Very bad experience with ElectronicBox VOIP
05 March 2014 PBX Hacked?
27 February 2014 My phone has been hacked
06 February 2014 LANDLINE FRAUD: Ames Man Gets $120K Phone Bill
21 January 2014 AVAYA phone hacked $4800 calls
28 December 2013 Hackers make 3,400 calls to US during weekend
23 December 2013 Bell County Phones Hacked, $27K Higher Bill
03 December 2013 Phone hackers leave RABI with £2k bill
01 November 2013 Phone fraud leaves Dunbar business boss out of pocket
24 October 2013 MP issues warning on fraudsters attacking business phone lines
08 October 2013 City of Wichita website was victim of 'sophisticated hacking operation'
18 September 2013 Business Owner Gets $216,464 AT&T Bill
12 September 2013 Bogus calls on my land line
11 September 2013 Phone hackers target Tory MPs' office
07 July 2013 Hidalgo County phone line hacked, long-distance calls run up ‘big bill’
02 July 2013 NeighborWorks Columbus victim of toll fraud $70,000
21 May 2013 Huge losses for companies after switchboards hacked
17 May 2013 $500,000 phone bill after hacking
06 May 2013 Court: Albany companies will settle phone hacking lawsuit
02 January 2013 After alleged phone hacking, Albany CEOs call on Schumer for help
21 December 2012 Fresh fraud alert over PBX hacking as firms face large bills
18 December 2012 Please read - our AT&T accounts were hacked over the weekend
01 August 2012 Get Garcia, Get Results: Attorney Battles Over $18,000 Fraudulent Phone Bill
10 July 2012 AT&T sued phone hacking victim for $1.15
19 April 2012 Telstra hands telephone 'spoofing' inquiry to police
08 April 2012 Phreakin’ hell: phone hacking costing Australia millions
04 April 2012 Fears Newcastle home phones hacked for sex and bet calls
27 March 2012 Businesses warned of phone hacking
24 March 2012 1000 scam calls hit WA business
20 March 2012 Phreakin’ hell: phone hacking costing Australia millions
12 March 2012 Bangor auto parts company victim of phone hacking
05 March 2012 'Home Secretary given 'secret' phone-hacking briefing claiming it was 'widespread' in 2006
12 January 2012 Asterisk Hack Post-mortem
02 January 2012 Hacking telephone systems still big business in SA [South Africa]
15 December 2011 ComReg warns firms to be on guard against PBX fraud
30 November 2011 How Filipino phreakers turned PBX systems into cash machines for terrorists
28 November 2011 Phone-Hacking Gang Had Terror Ties, Police Say
27 November 2011 AT&T Customer Phone Hacking Tied To Terrorists
12 November 2011 Hacked and an UTS bill of over ANG 100.000 (in a month)
30 September 2011 Local company on the hook for $10K in bogus phone charges?
28 August 2011 Huge AAPT Bill ($30,000) in one week
19 July 2011 PABX SCAM - I have just been billed for $2000 of calls to Djibouti
14 June 2011 Someone made $1000 of calls on my voip
13 May 2011 Hackers turn Cisco phones into remote bugging devices
07 May 2011 Local businessman on the hook for phone scam
21 April 2011 International hackers ring up the bills
15 April 2011 Toll fraud occurring in city
14 April 2011 WA businesses hit in VoIP phone hacking attack
12 April 2011 Perth firms phreaked by VoIP hackers
05 April 2011 iiNet VOIP Hacked - Libya Calls A Plenty
20 March 2011 PBXs prey to phreakers
22 February 2011 Phone Hacking (Phreaking) – Attacks in the Harrogate area
11 February 2011 Phone hacking costs two firms £28,000
07 February 2011 PBX hackers cost businesses a billion
04 February 2011 Update: Sprint accounts being hijacked to make long distance calls
01 February 2011 Telephone scam warning
25 November 2010 $83,000 long-distance bill off the dial
05 November 2010 Hackers chat for 26 hours on Ore. town's phones
26 October 2010 Business Counts the Cost of Phone Hacking
30 September 2010 Asterisk PBX hacked... and someone in Moscow made $100 of calls
24 September 2010 VoIP hacker sentenced to 10 years - 10 million minutes hijacked
19 August 2010 Phone hacking hurts NZ businesses
09 August 2010 Reseller falls victim to telephone hacking
25 July 2010 i been hacked - telkom pstn line
28 June 2010 Businesses hit by communication fraud including telephone hacking... estimated $80 billion
26 May 2010 Phones become hacker favourite: AFP
26 May 2010 Hackers targeting phone systems, warn Australian police
06 April 2010 Phone hackers target NZ firms
29 March 2010 Phone companies don't protect against fraud
18 March 2010 $45,582 telephone bill: ... security breach traced back to Somalia
04 March 2010 Update: Sprint accounts being hijacked to make long distance calls
23 February 2010 Change passwords to avoid phreaking phone fraud
16 February 2010 VOIP Gets Hacked and FOIP Has Too Much Liability For... Use
08 February 2010 98% of hackers also hit businesses with Dial Through Fraud
03 February 2010 Fugitive VoIP hacker admits 10 million minute spree
07 January 2010 County discovers $4,700 in phone charges
01 December 2009 PBX Fraud strikes Toronto
26 November 2009 Phone fraudsters leave businesses on hook
28 October 2009 Internet phone systems become the fraudster's tool
19 October 2009 VoIP hack suspect fugitive extradited back to US
02 October 2009 Toll fraud is alive and well
02 September 2009 North Carolina business has been left with a $2,500 phone bill
17 August 2009 Hackers leave Ottawa company with sky-high phone bill
12 June 2009 International Phone Hacking Ring Busted; Stole $55 Million Calls
08 June 2009 Sipera Systems Reports VoIP Toll Fraud Continues to Escalate
18 May 2009 Our VoIP Hacked. $3K Bill
13 May 2009 PBX hacking continues to threaten business owners
11 February 2009 Fugitive VOIP hacker cuffed in Mexico (average $300k fraud)
28 January 2009 Bell Canada Bills Customer $207K After Hack
20 January 2009 Small business gets $120,000 bill after hackers attack VoIP phone
19 December 2008 Man faces $52k bill after voicemail breach
08 December 2008 FBI: Criminals auto-dialing with hacked VoIP systems
25 August 2008 Hacker runs up US$12,000 Federal phone bill
03 August 2008 The Ease of Hacking VoIP
27 July 2008 Library phone system hacked
10 June 2008 Bill-ware stops telco rip-offs
18 April 2008 $78,000: that's one hack of a phone bill
17 April 2008 Foreign hackers target Aussie companies
12 February 2008 snom VoIP phone hacked
18 July 2007 Hackers stealing PBX phone minutes to on-sell cheap
17 October 2006 Telephone hack costs NSW firm AU$9,000
09 June 2006 Two Charged With Hacking VoIP Networks, Selling Long-Distance
26 May 2006 Law firms join ‘phreaked’ out list
19 April 2006 Nortel PABX hacked again
16 April 2006 Telstra 'turns back on phone scam victims'
23 November 2005  Phreakin’ hell: phone hacking costing Australia millions
16 September 2005 Phone hack still a problem. companies told
02 August 2005 Nearly 100 companies hit in phone hacking spree
20 March 2005 Phone hackers tap into hospital

Hackers and hacking

Once a term to describe a clever, efficient or nonobvious solution to a problem the term 'hacker' is now synonymous with unauthorized and illegal activities involving technology predominantly computers and increasingly telephone systems.
'How to' guides on hacking are easily found online but for obvious reasons not provided here.

Phone phreaking

Phone phreaking is a term used to describe those people who experiment with and explore PBXs, telephone systems and other devices connected to public telephone systems. Phreaking has become closely linked with hackers and hacking as telecommunications systems have become computerized.
The term 'phreak' is a combination of the terms 'phone' and 'freak'.