Multiple Site Reporting

TIM4biz was desgined from the ground up to support multiple sites.

Whether a single PBX is used by multiple branches, a single branch uses more than one PBX or each branch has its own PBX TIM4biz can handle it from a single login.

Multiple Site Reporting

Multi-site reporting is available through branch, cost center, department and PBX text and graphic reports.

Like other reports, multiple reports can be combined into a single custom report and run interactively or scheduled to be automatically delivered via email.

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Multiple Users and Access Control

From the one account managers can view the state of multiple sites on a single screen.

Branch managers and other users can be restricted to their own area of responsibility. Combination of branches and departments can be created limiting a user's access.

Users can be assigned areas of responsibility, for example, Development or Sales. Alternatively users can be assigned to particular branches, for example, London or New York.

Combining branches and departments a user can be further restricted, e.g. New York, Sales.

Multiple Site Reporting

Beyond breaking a company into multiple reporting areas multiple companies can be combined into a 'Super Company' permitting a single sign in to view multiple discrete companies.