Upgrade your Call Accounting

Upgrading your call accounting system has never been easier.

100% Australian owned TIM4biz Call Accounting replaces your existing call accounting solution while retaining your historical call records.

Raw call records stored with your legacy system are imported into the TIM4biz system, reprocessed and call costs, branches, cost centers and departments assigned to each call.

As new records are received from your PBX those records are automatically sent to the TIM4biz datacenter and processed.

Reports are available from any web browser and can be set to be automatically emailed to you on a daily, weekly, monthly or custom schedule.

TIM4biz Call Accounting removes the headaches that are associated with legacy call accounting software and telephone expense management.

All the major components of the system including database server, web server, report and alert servers are installed at the TIM4biz datacenter and are automatically backed up and maintained by TIM4biz staff.

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Whether you are a small business or major corporation TIM4biz has a powerful cloud-based call reporting and call analytics solution at the price that suits.

Build your personalized, obligation free quote. Your personalized quote will be automatically created and emailed to you. TIM4biz does not share your details with anyone.

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