Cloud Call Accounting

Applying the benefits of cloud computing to call accounting software redefines business telephone management and gives a new meaning to 'state-of-the-art' as demonstrated by the leading hosted call accounting system.

cloud call accounting

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a means by which shared applications, information and resources can be run on internet-based computers and data can be provided to and accessed by other devices.

The term 'cloud computing' has become a generic term for shared computing resources being accessed remotely and encompasses other terms such as 'software-as-a-service' also known as SaaS.

Call accounting

A call accounting system collects SMDR, or CDR, information from a PBX about each telephone call for later analysis and reporting. SMDR information can include information such as call duration and the number dialed.

Call accounting software can analyze SMDR information to determine total call costs, the number of telephone lines required, costs to charge other departments or business and even the optimal opening hours and staffing requirements of a call center.

Call accounting issues

Due to the nature of legacy call accounting systems the computer used to collect information from a PBX must often be situated near that PBX, often in an equipment room or other out of the way location.

In turn when using a typical call accounting system to generate reports a user must go to the machine on which the call accounting software is installed to log in and run reports. It is at this time users often discover the call accounting system is not working and telephone bills cannot be issued.

Call accounting systems often fail due to a number of reasons, including but not limited to the following real examples:

  • The PBX is not sending information to the call accounting software
  • The call accounting PC is not switched on
  • The call accounting PC failed to start as there's a floppy disk in the drive 
  • The call accounting software has not started
  • The call accounting system is configured incorrectly
  • The call accounting database has too many records
  • The call accounting database as died
  • The call accounting system has not been backed up

In short, the areas of a call accounting system that can be fixed by a user are those where a machine has to be switched on or a cable plugged in, the parts that will fail mean you have lost information, your telephone dealer does not know how to fix the issue and your call accounting software provider must be called in.

Reinstallation of the call accounting database may be possible, recreating missing information is impossible.

Cloud computing and call accounting

Combining the elements of a call accounting system with the benefits of cloud computing creates a call accounting system that works:

  • All the complicated database areas of the call accounting system no longer reside at your office
  • You can access the call accounting system from any PC without adding special software 
  • You are no longer responsible for updating your call accounting software
  • You are always using the latest software 
  • You no longer have to perform daily backups of your call accounting system
  • A buffer box runs at your office, everything else is done at the call accounting data center

Cloud computing, call accounting software and beyond

In addition to the benefits of cloud call accounting a real call accounting system provides additional features

  • Automatic detection and alerting of problems with your internet connection
  • Automatic detection and alerting of problems with your PBX to internet connection
  • Automatic scheduled emailed report
  • Daily database administration maintains database performance
  • Log in from any internet connected computer or mobile device
  • Multiple site support
  • Multiple user support
  • Terra-bytes of managed storage means no more deleting records to save space