Samsung Phone System Reference

SMDR configuration

Connection of the TIM4biz cloud based call accounting application is performed using Secure FTP (SFTP) to transfer the Call Detail Recording (CDR) data to the cloud server.

This page describes how to configure the Samsung systems for the CDR output and connection to TIM4biz.

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  1. Check the SCM history

    After a call has been logged, the Samsung SCM system sends its CDR report to the SFTP Server every minute. When there are no new calls, no report will be sent.

    Confirmation the report was successfully sent can be viewed in the History Status.

    SCM admin > Performance > Fault > History > History Status

    Samsung SCM - History Status

    Failure of the report to be successfully sent can be found in History Fault.

    SCM admin > Performance > Fault > History > History Fault

    Samsung SCM - History Fault
  2. Confirming the Cloud Server Received the CDR file

    TIM4biz will also provide you with access direct to their SMTP SMDR collector where you can view and confirm each of the files has been received from the Samsung SCM system.

    Download the free WinSCP application.

    File Protocol = SFTP
    Host name = xxxxxxx
    User name = xxxxxxx
    Password = xxxxxx
    Directory = upload