If your PBX type is Microsoft Teams you need to grant TIM Technologies Pty Limited read access to some of your Microsoft 365 data.

  1. In TIM4biz navigate to your PBX list
  2. Edit the PBX that you are connecting to Microsoft Teams
  3. The Manufacturer should be Microsoft and the Model Microsoft Teams
  4. Click the button Connect to Microsoft Teams
    Your web page will be redirected to a Microsoft website and you will be asked to sign in as Administrator approval is required. A page similar to the one below is displayed.

  5. Sign into your Microsoft account
    This does not yet grant TIM Technologies any access to your account.
  6. The Microsoft 'Permissions requested' page is displayed.

  7. If you are satisfied select Accept
    Your Microsoft Teams ID is sent to TIM Technologies, encrypted and attached to your PBX. You are returned to the TIM4biz website.