3CX Phone System Reference

3CX is an open standards, software-based PBX that operates with IP phones and SIP trunks providing a complete Unified Communications solution. Both on premise and cloud installations are available. 3CX website.

CDR configuration

All CDR fields are required.

In the 3CX CDR settings go to the Configure CDR Output fields section and click Add CDR. Enable all the fields:

historyid This is the call number - each call has a number, internal to 3CX. Useful for call tracking
callid This is the Call ID - the unique identifier of the call
duration Call Duration time
time-start Call Start time
time-answered Answered time
time-end Call terminated time
reason-terminated Why the call was terminated
from-no Source caller number
to-no Destination To Number
from-dn Distinguished name of caller
to-dn Distinguished name of destination
dial-no Dialled number
reason-changed The Reason why a change occurred in a call
final-number Final Number - the final number which was replaced (in a transfer this will be the final connected number)
final-dn Distinguished name of the final number entity
bill-code Billing code dialled after the destination
bill-rate The billing rate that matched the prefix of the rate. This is used to apply a cost calculation variance
bill-cost The Cost of the call calculated with simple proportion / minute
bill-name The rate name of the billing variance
chain All endpoints which were involved in the call
from-type Source type
to-type Destination type
final-type Final destination type
from-dispname Source Display Name
to-dispname Destination Display Name
final-dispname Final destination Display Name
missed-queue-calls A list of queue agents that were polled during a queue call that didn’t answer the call